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Corporate Financing

Corporate Financing

Al Masraf Offers lending solutions to support general business needs or growth objectives through our comprehensive selection of Corporate Lending products.

Corporate World Credit Card

Add to your rewarding experiences while growing your business with Al Masraf Corporate World Credit Card. Enjoy flexible limits within your existing Credit limit and manage your daily cash flow requirements effortlessly. This card is specially designed to reward the Corporate Owner with rewards including Cash back, travel, lifestyle and insurance benefits. Simplify your business needs with ease of expense control & planning via our exclusive corporate portal. Achieve great heights with boundless rewards your way.


The business environment today is highly volatile. To keep up with the ever changing market, Al Masraf provides business with Working Capital facilities that is a convenient and highly flexible source of funds for short-term finance. Our competitive terms and conditions and pricing help the customers to minimize cost of borrowed funds.
We also offer discounting facilities against bills and invoices to enable our customers to raise funds locked in their receivables.


Al Masraf Term Loans are customized based on specific need of each customer; each loan carrying a set of terms and conditions best suited for the customer. These Term Loans are the medium to long term funding granted for acquiring fixed assets, vehicles, including machinery and fixtures, across all types of economic sectors within the UAE. In certain cases, Al Masraf also considers Term Loans for business expansion and acquisition of other businesses.


The economic boom in the region has raised the need for a large volume of funds to finance many upcoming projects. Hence, we finance medium to large sized projects and contracts based on risk assessment, while offering competitive rates to our customers. Our wide array of products facilitate the need for clients to route all their requirements through a single window.