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Corporate World Credit Card

Introducing the new Al Masraf Corporate World Credit Card – an easy extension of credit limits to meet your day to day cash flows. A product designed to reward you, the corporate owner, with cash back as and when you please. A card which will allow you access to Rewards on corporate spends which hitherto had no rewards due to payment through cash, cheque or bank transfers. A product which give your access to a self-service corporate portal to ease your expense control & planning needs.

We offer a premium World credit card, which will give the cardholders access to a world of travel, lifestyle and insurance benefits.

  • High Credit Limits: Enjoy high credit limits up to AED.10 million that allows you access to your limits for all corporate related expenses.
  • orporate Owner access to Al Masraf Points: All Al Masraf Points earned are swept in a central pool giving access to the corporate owner to redeem as & when he pleases. Al Masraf points are redeemable as cash back, delivering immediate costs savings to the corporate.
  • Low cross border fee: APreferential low rates of only 1.65% of the international transaction amount
  • Premium World credit card: A premium card with a host of benefits mentioned below
  • Contactless Enabled: Cardholders can make payments without swiping. Simply tap your card on the contactless enabled POS readers.
  • Airport Lounge access: You can travel globally with Unlimited Free Airport Lounge access through lounge key. Over 900 lounges in more than 450 cities. Simply show your World Mastercard at the participating lounges. Download Mastercard for you app to view the list of participating lounges
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    • Complimentary access to Global Blue City VIP Lounges to receive VAT back
    • Complimentary access to Global Blue fast track service at the Airport VIP Fast Lanes available at the refund points operated by Global Blue
    • Register for Shop Tax Free Card and enjoy an automatic completion of the Tax Free Forms when shopping at a participating Global Blue merchant
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  • 1Travel Inconvenience & Cancellation Insurance*: Get compensated for inconveniences. Baggage loss/damage upto USD 3,000; Baggage delay upto USD 300; Trip curtailment / Cancellation – upto USD 7,500; Trip delay USD 300; Missed connection USD 300. Parents and Children (of cardholder) who live abroad and are visiting the cardholder in their country of residence are eligible when the trip is paid through the eligible Mastercard® card. The standard age limit for parents is 80 years old. Simply call Mastercard Concierge for assistance or visit to claim
  • Travel Accident & Medical Insurance*: For the greatest peace of mind while you are travelling, your health & safety needs are met. Personal Accident insurance upto USD 500,000.Emergency medical insurance upto USD 500,000. Emergency medical evacuation & repatriation upto USD 500,000. Medical emergency expenses upto USD 500,000. Daily in hospital cash benefit of USD 100 per day. Parents and Children (of cardholder) who live abroad and are visiting the cardholder in their country of residence are eligible when the trip is paid through the eligible Mastercard® card. The standard age limit for parents is 80 years old. Simply call Mastercard Concierge for assistance or visit to claim
  • Free Travel Insurance confirmation letter for Schengen or other Visa requirements: Obtaining travel insurance confirmation letter has never been easier. Cardholder can generate the letter online seamlessly for self or family. Visit or download the Mastercard for your mobile app and follow the steps.
  • Al Masraf Rewards: A program that delivers amazing value by rewarding your spends with points which can be redeemed across multiple categories like Travel, lifestyle, leisure or simply redeem for cash back. There is maximum cap on cash back earned. All points (earned by all subordinate cards) are accrued to the Corporate owner/authorized signatory only
    1 USD – International spends 0.75 points
    1 USD – Local spends 0.55 points
    1 USD – Select MCC’s spends 0.15 points

*All the features are valid only on using the Al Masraf card for transactions.
*Participating partner terms and conditions apply.
*For Fees & charges please visit
*Terms and conditions apply.

Fees & Charges Corporate World Credit Card
Annual fee pa 0
Supplementary card annual fee 200
Retail Interest pm 0.60%
Cash Withdrawal fee 3% (min 100)
Cash Withdrawal Limit 100%
International Transaction Fee / non-aed transaction fee 0.5% + scheme cost
of transaction amount
Credit Shield pm n/a
Replacement fee 75
Late payment fee 230
Over limit fee Conventional: 250
Temporary credit limit increase fee 150
Cheque return fee 200
Monthly Card Statement
Re-print charges (per statement)
Copy of Sales Slip (if customer fault) 65
International Delivery charges 300 or actuals if higher
Monthly Card Statement
Re-print charges (per statement)
Copy of Sales Slip (if customer fault) 65
International Delivery charges 300 or actuals if higher
Liability / No liability letter 50
Payment due date (from monthly statement date) 26 days
Grace period – retail purchases upto 55 days
Monthly Statement Date 7th of every month

Additional 5% VAT will be charged on all the tariff mentioned
Please note for Islamic Covered card, the above fees apply except the following are the 2 differences:
Monthly Murabaha profit is 2.90%
Overlimit fee is 0

Preamble: In consideration of Al Masraf agreeing to issue and make available to the Cardholder a Corporate Credit Card. The Cardholder agrees to the following terms and conditions in addition to any terms and conditions if any set forth in the Corporate Credit Card Application Form and/or approval letter and any other relevant documents 

(Hereinafter referred collectively as the “Terms and Conditions OR Agreement”)


    1. “Al Masraf” means Arab Bank for Investment & Foreign Trade –  Al Masraf, its successor(s) and/or assignee(s);
    2. “Application Form” means the Corporate Credit Card Application Form;
    3. “Corporate Card Account” means the credit card account maintained by Al Masraf   opened in the name of the Customer for the purpose of issuance of a Corporate Cards to any Cardholders designated by the Customer. Al Masraf will record and post in the Corporate Card Account all credits and debits received or incurred by using the Corporate Cards pursuant to these terms and conditions and includes, without limitation, all debts incurred resulting from any Cash purchases, Cash Advances and/or Charges and/or liabilities arising out of or in connection with any Card Transaction or otherwise.
    4. Authorized Signatory/Attorney: means, any person who is duly authorized and has legal capacity (in such manner as may be reasonably acceptable to Al Masraf ) to execute or sign these Terms and Conditions or other document or application to be executed or signed under or in connection with the Corporate Credit Card on behalf of the Card Holder/Customer. The Authorized Signatory/Attorney commits that these Terms and Conditions are valid, legal and enforceable. 
    5. “Cash Advances” means any Cash Advance obtained by the use of the Card, the Card number or  in  any  manner  authorized  by  the  Cardholder  for  cash  debits  to  the  Card Account;
    6. “Corporate Card” means the Al Masraf VISA Card and/or MasterCard issued to a Cardholder;
    7. “Cardholder” means the Principal Cardholder / Customer   or a Supplementary Cardholder for whose use a Card is issued by Al Masraf;
    8. “Cooling-Off Period” is a period of time after agreeing to obtain the Corporate Credit Card, allows a Customer to reconsider the purchase and to withdraw from the Agreement without suffering any undue costs, obligations or inconvenience. The Cooling-off Period begins immediately after signing of the Agreement.
    9. “Credit  Limit”  means  the  maximum  drawing  permitted  on  the  Card  as  determined  and notified to the Principal Cardholder by Al Masraf  from time to time . Al Masraf reserves absolute right to restrict the credit limit;
    10. “Debit  Balance”  means  the  total  of  all  Card  payments,  Cash  Advances,  interest, handling charges,  fees  and  other  sums  debited  by  Al Masraf   to  the  Card  Account  as reduced by any effective credits into the Card Account; Statement of Account : means the monthly or other periodic statement of Card account sent to the Customer showing the particulars of the current balance incurred by the Cardholder which are due and payable to Al Masraf”; 
    11. Guarantee or Security : means any guarantee or security that includes but not limited salary, cheques, cash deposits, bank guarantee or promissory note etc. provided by the customer or any third party in a form acceptable by Al Masraf as a security for the performance of the Cardholder obligations and liabilities relating to Corporate Card”; 
    12. “PIN” means a Personal Identification Number issued to the Cardholder;
    13. “Principal Cardholder” means a person in whose name a “Card Account” as defined below is maintained by Al Masraf ;
    14. “Supplementary   Cardholder”   means   a   Cardholder   nominated   by   the   Principal Cardholder. 
    15. Schedule of Fees and Charges:   attached to the Application Form and also available on Al Masraf Website..  

Cardholder under condition 3(below).  

All the capitalized terms that are defined herein shall have the same meaning as listed hereunder or as otherwise described in the Corporate Credit Card Application Form or any other related documents. Those words indicating singular includes the plural and vice versa. 

  • Cooling-Off Period

You have the right to a cooling-Off Period of five (5) complete business days from the date of signing the Application Form. During this period you have the right to cancel the Application Form without incurring any charges or penalty. However, if you wish to waive the Cooling-Off Period, you may sign the waiver letter received along with the Application Form.


The use of the card is for the purchase of good or services which the payment may be charged to the card account” or “Cash Advances Transactions”

The Card must be signed by the Cardholder immediately on receipt and may only be used:

  1. By the Cardholder,
  2. Subject to the terms and conditions current at the time of use.
  3. Within the available balance in his/her Card Account,
  4. During the validity period embossed on the Card,
  5. Subject to the right of Al Masraf, in its absolute discretion and without prior notice, at any time to withdraw the right to use the Card for, or to refuse any request for authorization of any particular  Card  payment  or  Cash  Advance  and  to  communicate  any  such  withdrawal  or refusal to any third party. 

Al Masraf may issue Supplementary Cards to persons nominated by the Principal Cardholder. However, the Principal Cardholder will be irrevocably and fully liable for all amounts which may arise from the use of such Supplementary Card(s) or Card number(s).


Al Masraf will renew the Cards at its respective expiry date and will debit the renewal fee, if applicable  to  the  Card  Account  and  will  continue  to  do  so  until  and  unless  the Cardholder instructs Al Masraf  in writing to stop the renewal of either the Primary or the Supplementary or both Cards at least 45 days prior to the Card Expiry Date, in this case, the Security will be released after the return of the card to Al Masraf for cancellation and full settlement of all the amounts outstanding under the Card Account.

    1. Al Masraf will debit the Card Account with the amounts of all fees, Card payments and Cash Advances, any other liabilities of the Cardholder and any loss incurred by Al Masraf arising from the use of the Card. The Principal Cardholder will be liable to pay  Al Masraf all amounts  so  debited  whether  or  not  a  Sale  or  Cash  Advance  Voucher  is  signed  by  a Cardholder.
    2. Al Masraf may set-off the liability of the Principal Cardholder under this agreement against another account of the Principal Cardholder with Al Masraf.
    3. Al Masraf will normally send a periodic statement showing details of all amounts debited to the Card Account.
    4. The  data  and  information  contained  in  the  periodic  statement  of  account  sent  to  the Cardholder by Al Masraf shall form conclusive evidence of the Cardholder’s indebtedness thereof.
    5. The amount of   any  Card  payment   or  Cash  Advance in   a   currency   other  than   UAE Dirhams  will  be  converted  at  a  rate  of  exchange  determined  by  Al Masraf  for  the  date when the Card payment or Cash Advance is debited to the Card Account.
    6. Subject to any limitation imposed by law, all amounts due in connection with the Card Account will be immediately payable in full on the commission of an act of bankruptcy by or on the death of, the Principal Cardholder or, at Al Masraf’s discretion.
    7. If the Cardholder does not repay the indebtedness to Al Masraf on its first request, the Cardholder herewith authorizes Al Masraf to set off the outstanding balance due from his possessions held as Security without having to notify or inform him beforehand. This authorization is irrevocable and the Cardholder cannot cancel it without first obtaining Al Masraf’s written consent. 
    1. If the outstanding amount, as shown on the monthly statement of card account, is not paid in full on or before the due date, interest shall be levied on the amount outstanding from the transaction date.
    2. Cash   Advance   transactions   will   attract   interest   from   the   date   of   the   relevant transaction.
    3. Al Masraf shall have the right, from time to time, at its own discretion and subject to the rates prevailing in the market, to modify the applicable interest rates by serving a notice to the Cardholder. The new interest rate shall be applied as of the date determined by Al Masraf in the notice served to the Cardholder without the need to obtain the Cardholder’s consent.

Al Masraf  may at any time without notice cancel or suspend the right to use the Card or refuse to re-issue, renew or replace any Card, without affecting the Cardholder’s obligations made in this agreement which shall remain in force until all liabilities of the Card have been fully and satisfactorily settled.

    1. The Principal Cardholder may terminate the Card Account by written notice to Al Masraf. Such termination shall only be effective on the return to and receipt by Al Masraf of all Cards  issued  for  use  on  the  Card  Account  and  the  settlement  of  all  liabilities  of  the Cardholder.  All  usage  prior  to  termination  will  be  binding  on  the  Cardholder.  Until termination of the Card Account, Al Masraf may re-issue Cards from time to time for use by the Cardholders in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
    2. The Security will be released after 30 days from the date of the Card(s) being physically returned to Al Masraf for cancellation and full settlement of all amounts outstanding under the Card Account.
    3. Al Masraf shall, at all times, have the right to immediately terminate these Terms and Conditions for convenience without providing any reason for such termination. Al Masraf reserves the right to cancel the Cards and close the Cards Account in the event of misuse or breach of these Terms and Conditions by the Cardholder or the Customer. In all of these events Al Masraf shall not be responsible for any damages arising because of such cancellation and the Customer will not be entitled for a refund of the annual membership fee or any part of it. 
    4. Upon the termination of these Terms and Conditions or cancellation of the Card for any reason, all amounts outstanding on the Card Account shall fall due and shall be payable immediately. The Customer must pay in full the total amount outstanding on the Card Account and Transactions which are already debited to the Card Account or shown on a Statement of Account/E-Statement Account (after decision) and shall be liable for all other amounts including Transactions and Cash Advances, interest, fees and other charges which are not yet debited to the Card Account or shown on a Statement of Account/an E-Statement of Account (after decision).
    1. The Card and related PIN are issued by Al Masraf at the full risk of the Cardholder. Al Masraf shall not be held responsible in any way whatsoever for the loss/misuse of the Card and/or PIN
    2. Cardholder will exercise every possible care to prevent the Card and related PIN from being lost or stolen and will notify Al Masraf immediately and confirm in writing any loss or theft of the same.
    3. Al Masraf will not be held responsible in case a lost or stolen Card is used prior to receipt by Al Masraf of written notice of such loss or theft.
    4. The Customer/Cardholder agree and acknowledge that they shall be liable to Al Masraf for all Corporate Card Transactions made with the PIN whether or without the knowledge of the Customer/Cardholder.
    1. The Customer has a period of 30 days from the dated of the relevant statement of Account to contest a transaction charged to the Card Account. After elapse of the period, the statement of Account shall be deemed to be accepted.
    2. The Card Account will be credited with a refund in respect of a Card payment or Cash Advance only upon receipt by Al Masraf of a refund voucher or other refund verification acceptable to it. Subject to any rights vested in the Principal Cardholder by law, no claim by a Cardholder against a third party may be the subject of a defense or counter claim against Al Masraf.
    3. Al Masraf shall not be liable in any way if the Card is not honored by a third party.
    4. Al Masraf shall not be responsible for goods or services purchased by the Cardholder on the Card and in all circumstances the Cardholder must honor all vouchers / transactions executed.
    1. Al Masraf may vary these Terms and Conditions at any time or times whether or not a similar variation is made to the Terms and Conditions with any other Cardholder(s). Subject to the requirements of law, notification of any such variation shall be given to the Principal Cardholder by Al Masraf either in writing or by publication thereof by such means as Al Masraf may select and a variation so notified shall be binding on the Cardholder.
    2. Al Masraf will consider that the Cardholder has accepted the changes if the Cardholder keeps or uses the Card thereafter.
    3. If  the  Cardholder  does  not  accept  such  changes,  then  the  Cardholder  may  wish  to terminate the Card Account in accordance with clause 8 (Termination).
    1. Al Masraf will not maintain copies of signed Card transaction vouchers (sale vouchers). In case  of  a dispute, the  Al Masraf may,  upon the  written  request of  the  Cardholder,  provide a photocopy  or  microfiche  copy  of  the  disputed  transaction  voucher  as  a  documentary proof of the debit transaction, provided that such request is presented to Al Masraf  within 30 days from the relevant statement date. In no event will such request be entertained if the disputed transaction date is over 60 days.
    2. Cardholder must verify all Card transactions appearing on his/her Card statement. In case of any  discrepancy(ies)  or  dispute,  Cardholder  must  notify  the  Branch  Manager  or  the  Al Masraf Card Centre in writing within 15 days of the statement date, failing which, all Card transactions will be confirmed as correct.
    3. Card may be collected by the Cardholder or sent by Courier to the address notified to Al Masraf by the Cardholder at the sole risk of Cardholder.
    4. Cardholder shall sign the Card immediately upon receipt and such signatures will constitute binding and conclusive evidence of the confirmation of the Cardholder to be bound by the Terms & Conditions notwithstanding that Al Masraf is not notified of the Cardholder’s receipt of the Card.
    5. Al Masraf  issues Cards on the understanding that goods, tickets or services obtained with a Card  will  not  be  resold  or  returned  for  cash  refund.  However, goods or tickets may be returned for credit to the Card Account provided the merchant accepts such returns.
    6. Card  must  not  be  used  for  any  unlawful  purpose,  including  the  purchase  of  goods  and services prohibited by local law/jurisdiction.
    7. To   ensure   international   acceptability,   information   about   a   Card   Account   may   be transferred confidentially within the worldwide VISA and/or MasterCard networks, at Al Masraf’s sole discretion.
    8. Al Masraf   may  at  its  sole  discretion  or  if  required  to  do  so,  disclose  any  information concerning  the  Card  Account,  any  data  relating  to  Cardholder  and  any  credit  facility availed or to be availed by Cardholder (including and not limited to details of credit card transactions, repayment history and defaults) which Al Masraf deems fit:
      • To its agent(s) (if any) appointed at any time in connection with the administration of the Card,
      • To any member of Al Masraf group, any other bank or financial institution,
      • To Etihad credit bureau, agency and/or any other institution as required in order for Al Masraf to consider Cardholder’s application or provide the Cardholder with its services.
  1. Al Masraf may in certain cases be obligated to report information and account balances of Cardholder whom it deems, due to reasonable expectation, to be a foreign resident, citizen or person of a foreign government or jurisdiction. This information will only be shared with the relevant foreign tax authority or government of that foreign jurisdiction.  Cardholder acknowledges that Al Masraf will perform this duty without any liability on its part and it shall not be considered a breach of any duty of confidentiality owed to the Cardholder.
  2. Cardholder authorizes Al Masraf to obtain and/or verify, from time to time, any information or data relating to Cardholder as Al Masraf may deem appropriate from any third party as Al Masraf in its sole discretion may determine. Cardholder also understands that he/she will receive marketing communication in the form of e-mail or SMS from Al Masraf from time to time.
  3. The Cardholder shall immediately notify Al Masraf in writing, of any change of his/her name or address.
  4. Al Masraf shall not be liable if it is unable to perform its obligations due (directly or indirectly) to the failure of any machine, data processing system or transaction link, or anything outside the control of Al Masraf, its agents or sub-contractors. Even if Al Masraf is unable to produce or send a statement, the Principal Cardholder’s liability shall continue.
  5. Registration for Internet shopping: Cardholder agrees to register for VBV/Secure code as outlined  in  the  relevant  VBV/Secure  code  booklet  and  agrees  to  be  fully  liable  for  any transactions  conducted  via  Internet  without  registration  should  they  be  reported  as unauthorized/fraudulent later.
  6. These Terms & Conditions shall be construed and governed by the laws for the time being in force in the United Arab Emirates.
  7. Al Masraf shall have the right, at any time and in its sole discretion, to merge the accounts of all cards in one account. As conditional precedent, for approving any application to issue a Card, Al Masraf may, at its absolute discretion, require the Customer to provide a Guarantee acceptable to Al Masraf such as and without limitation, cheques and/ or pledge and/or assign a cash deposit and/or bank guarantee and/or other form of security in favor of Al Masraf for any amount determined by Al Masraf. 

The Customer acknowledge  and agree that Al Masraf shall continue to maintain this guarantee for a period not less than 120 days from the date of cancelling all the Cards issued under the Card account whether such cancellation is determined by Al Masraf or at the request of the Customer. 

Al Masraf reserves the right to contact the Cardholder for the purpose of verification of Card transactions/ performing security check/ advising replacement of the Card. The Customer agrees to cooperate with Al Masraf in all such cases. 

  1. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in these Terms and Conditions, it is hereby expressly agreed and declared that the Authorized Signatory/Attorney and the Customer/Card Holder shall be jointly and personally liable and bound even in the absence of any such actions as foresaid and until settlement by way of payment of all the amounts outstanding under the Card Account together with interest accrued thereon at the stipulated rate and all expenses incurred in case of taking legal action against the relevant party if should deem appropriate to Al Masraf  and on its own option but Al Masraf  is not bound to do so. 

  The following terms and conditions are applicable to the Easy Payment Plan.


  1. The  Easy  Payment  Plan  (EPP)  is  available  to  Al  Masraf   credit  cardholders (“Cardholders”).
  2. The purpose of the EPP is to enable the Cardholder to purchase selected goods and services using the Credit Limit available on the Cardholder’s Card Account and to repay the amount of  the  purchase  in  equal  monthly  installments  in  accordance  with  these  EPP terms and conditions.


The EPP is offered exclusively to the Cardholder, as long as the Cardholder’s Card Account is in good standing as per these Terms and Conditions. Every Cardholder is automatically eligible to participate in the EPP. Transactions made by both Primary and Supplementary Cardholders can be converted into EPP. However, the request to convert the transaction into EPP can be made only by Primary Cardholder.


0% EPP (EPP where interest is not required to be paid to Al Masraf)

  • The   0%   EPP   will   be   available   for   select   goods   and   services   offered by   specific merchants determined by Al Masraf from time to time.
  • When availing of the EPP for the select goods and services, the total amount payable to Al Masraf (the “Total EPP Price”) will be the sum of the purchase price of the goods and services and the deferred payment charges.
  • The   select   goods   and   services   offered   by   the   specific   merchants,   the   applicable deferred payment charges, the number of monthly installments to be paid and the total period over which such monthly installments shall be paid (the “EPP Term”) with respect to  each  good  and  service  shall  be  determined  by  Al Masraf  from  time  to  time  and communicated to the Cardholder accordingly (hereinafter referred to as the “Offer”).
  • The deferred payment charges and the EPP Term may vary from one Offer to another.
  • Al Masraf   will authorize an   EPP transaction   provided   that   the amount   of   the EPP transaction is within the Cardholder’s available Credit Limit and that the Card Account is in good standing as per these Terms and Conditions at the time of the transaction. 
  • If the Cardholder is interested in availing of any Offer under the EPP, the Cardholder has to make the purchase at the specific merchant. The Cardholder will have to subsequently call Al Masraf Call Centre on 600 52 9999 or any other number determined by Al Masraf and request to convert the transaction to an EPP transaction. Al Masraf will process the Cardholder’s request in accordance with these EPP terms and conditions and the terms applicable to the specific Offer in respect of the deferred payment charges and the EPP Term.  If  Al Masraf   approves  conversion  of  the  transaction  to  an  EPP  transaction,  the Cardholder  will  be  notified  as  to  the  deferred  payment  charges,  the  EPP Term and the EPP  Monthly  Installments  on  the  first  Statement  of  Account  following  the  date  of conversion of the transaction to an EPP transaction.
  • Only transactions within 45 days from the date of purchase will be eligible for EPP.
  • In  case  of  cancellation  of  EPP,  there  will  be  a  charge  determined  by  Al Masraf   in  its discretion to process the cancellation.

EPP (where interest is required to be paid to Al Masraf )

  • The  EPP  will  be  available  for  all  goods  and  services  offered  by  any  merchant  inside  and outside the UAE, subject to minimum transaction amount to be determined by Al Masraf  from time to time.
  • When availing the EPP, the total amount payable to Al Masraf (the “Total EPP Price”) will be the sum of the purchase price of the goods and services, the interest payable and the deferred payment charges.
  • The   applicable   deferred   payment   charges,   the   interest   payable   and   the   number   of monthly installments to be paid and the total period over which such installments shall be paid (the “EPP Term”) with respect to each good and service shall be determined by Al Masraf from time to time and communicated to the Cardholder accordingly (hereinafter referred to as the “Offer”).
  • The deferred payment charges, interest rate payable and the EPP Term may vary according to the customer profile with Al Masraf. 
  • Al Masraf   will authorize an   EPP transaction   provided   that   the amount   of   the EPP transaction is within the Cardholder’s available Credit Limit and that the Card Account is in good standing as per these Terms and Conditions at the time of the transaction.
  • If the Cardholder is interested in availing of any Offer under the EPP, the Cardholder has to make the purchase. The Cardholder will have to subsequently call Al Masraf Call Centre on 600 52 9999 or any other number determined by Al Masraf and request to convert the transaction to an EPP transaction.  Al Masraf    will process the Cardholder’s request in accordance with these EPP terms and conditions and the terms applicable to the specific. Offer in respect of the deferred payment charges and the EPP Term. If Al Masraf   approves conversion of the transaction to an EPP transaction, the Cardholder will be notified   as   to the   deferred   payment   charges,   the   EPP   Term   and   the   EPP   Monthly Installments on the first Statement of Account following the date of conversion of the transaction to an EPP transaction.
  • Cash withdrawal or any other cash like transactions through ATM or any other means cannot be converted to EPP.
  • Only transactions within 45 days from the date of purchase will be eligible for EPP.
  • In case of cancellation of EPP, there will be a charge determined by Al Masraf in its discretion process the cancellation.


  1. The amount to be paid every month, the “EPP Monthly Installment,” will be computed by  dividing  the  total  sum  of  the  transaction  amount  converted  to  EPP,  the  deferred payment charges and the interest charges by the EPP term.
  2. The  EPP  Monthly  Installments  will  be  charged  to  the  Card  Account  starting  from  the Statement  of  Account  immediately  following  the  EPP  booking  date  and  every  month thereafter until the full payment of the Total EPP Price.
  3. When  a  Cardholder  makes  a  purchase(s)  under  the  EPP,  the  Minimum  Payment  Due for  the  Card  Account  will  be  the  sum  of  the  EPP  Monthly  Installment(s)  plus  all  other outstanding  transactions  multiplied  by  the  required  payment  percentage  determined by Al Masraf , plus any excess amounts over the Credit Limit and all past due amounts, if any.
  4. If the Cardholder pays less than the Minimum Payment Due by the Payment Due Date specified  in  the  Statement  of  Account,  interest  and  charges  as  per  EPP  Terms  and Conditions and the Al Masraf Credit Card Terms and Conditions hereof and the Schedule of Fees and Charges will be applicable.
  5. In case of early settlement of EPP transaction before the EPP term, an early settlement fee will be charged to the Cardholder applicable. If the Cardholder:
    1. Fails   to   make   payment   in   full   of   two   (2)   consecutive   or   four   inconsecutive   EPP Monthly Installments and/or, 
    2. Defaults any of his obligations under these terms and conditions or the general terms and conditions of the credit cards and/or,
    3. Fails to pay due amounts to Al Masraf on Payment Due Date, then the entire outstanding balance  of  the  Card  shall  immediately  become  due  and  payable  by  the Cardholder, and   Al Masraf   shall  have  right   to  demand  the  immediate   payment  thereof  at  its discretion.
  6. If the Card Account is closed prior to the payment in full of the Total EPP Price, the unbilled amount of the Total EPP Price will be immediately billed to the Cardholder. The entire outstanding  balance  of  the  Card  Account  shall  immediately  become  due  and payable by the Cardholder, and Al Masraf  shall have the right to demand the immediate payment thereof at its discretion.


  1. Al Masraf is entitled at any time and without any prior notice or liability to the Cardholder in any manner whatsoever to terminate the EPP or cancel or vary its benefits or features, or vary, or add or delete any of the EPP terms and conditions. However, the termination of the EPP shall not affect the transactions concluded by the Cardholder and accepted by Al Masraf under the EPP before such decision nor the Cardholder’s obligations to pay the EPP Monthly Installments with respect to such transactions.  Al Masraf    is also entitled to determine a floor limit for the minimum purchase amount allowable under the EPP for each particular Offer. 
  2. Al Masraf    shall  be  entitled  to  disallow  or  refuse  any  transaction  submitted  by  the Cardholder to it under the EPP without providing any reason whatsoever.


Al Masraf   will  not  be  liable  for any damage  or loss  incurred  by the  Cardholder  arising out of the purchase, installation, and use or otherwise of the good(s) and/or service(s) under the EPP nor  shall  Al Masraf   be  responsible  in  any  way  for  the  quality  of  the  goods  and/or  services purchased under the EPP. Any complaint as to the quality of the goods purchased or services rendered through the EPP shall be referred to the relevant supplier or merchant and shall not affect the Cardholder’s obligation to continue paying the EPP Monthly Installments to Al Masraf. The  purchase  of  the  goods  and/or  services  under  the  EPP  shall  be  subject  to  the terms and conditions of the seller or provider of the goods and/or services, which are of no concern to Al Masraf   or to the obligation of the Cardholder to pay the EPP Monthly Installments to Al Masraf. 

The Customer shall remain liable towards Al Masraf for the payment of outstanding amount and the Charges of all the Cards issued by the Cardholders designated by the Customer despite the cancellation of these cards, the misuse of the Cards by the Cardholders, the terminations of the Cardholders employment contracts with the Customer (if any), the death of the Cardholders and/or any other reason whatsoever. 

Al Masraf shall not be liable for any dispute brought to Al Masraf’s notice by the Cardholder after 30 days from the date of the relevant statement of account. 


The Customer / Card holder undertakes and agrees to indemnify Al Masraf against any loss, damage, liability, costs and expenses whether legal or otherwise which Al Masraf may incur by reason of this Terms and Conditions or any breach thereof or any breach thereof of the enforcement of Al Masraf’s right as herein provided. All costs and expenses in such regard may be debited to the Card Account and shall be paid by the Customer.


If the Cardholder and/ or Customer commits or attempts to commit a fraudulent transaction of any nature as determined by Al Masraf, or applicable laws, Al Masraf has the right to immediately cancel the Card in addition to any other legal action in accordance with the applicable laws. The Customer shall be fully liable all amounts and damages incurred by Al Masraf, or third parties as a result of this fraudulent acts. Al Masraf shall have to take all necessary legal actions against the Customer and report it before competent authorities. 


  1. The Cardholder authorizes Al Masraf to accept telephone instructions given to Al Masraf   to convert a transaction into EPP whenever Al Masraf   receives a telephone call from the Cardholder. 
  2. The Cardholder agrees that the confirmation by the caller of the Cardholder’s identity will be sufficient evidence for Al Masraf   to identify the caller and to act upon his/her instructions. 
  3. The  Cardholder  agrees  to  the  recording  of  such  telephone  calls  by  Al Masraf   and accepts   such  recordings   as   evidence   before   a   Court   of   Law   or   any   other  legal proceedings with regards to all the particulars of the EPP including, but not limited to issuance  of  the EPP, the Total EPP Price, the EPP Term, the EPP Monthly Installments etc.


Al Masraf shall not be responsible for any delay in the transmission to Al Masraf of evidence of an EPP transaction by the specified merchants or any other third party.


These Terms & Conditions shall be construed and governed by the federal laws for the time being in force in the United Arab Emirates as they are applied in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the laws of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

    1. The total amount advanced to the Cardholder by Al Masraf   under the Easy Cash Program (the “Easy  Cash  Amount”)  along  with  the  total  interest  payable  for  the  period  during  which installments are payable by the Cardholder in respect of such amount (the “Installment Period”) will be charged to the relevant Card Account reducing the available Credit Limit and cash limit. 
    2. Al Masraf   shall transfer the Easy Cash Amount to Al Masraf account in the UAE requested by the Cardholder by way of an electronic funds transfer provided that such Al Masraf account is in the name of the Cardholder.
    3. The Cardholder shall repay Al Masraf   the Easy Cash Amount together with the interest payable in equal monthly installments during the Installment Period.
    4. The Easy Cash Amount issued by Al Masraf   shall not be less than AED 1000 and in all cases shall not exceed seventy five per cent (75%) of the available Credit Limit of the Card as of the date of processing the Cardholder’s Easy Cash Program application.
    5. The interest rate applying to the Easy Cash Amount is a flat rate.
    6. If the Easy Cash Amount requested by the Cardholder exceeds more than the eligibility criteria at the time of transfer by Al Masraf, Al Masraf   will automatically transfer only the amount to which the Cardholder is eligible.
    7. In case of early settlement of the Easy Cash Amount before the expiry of the Installment Period, an early settlement fee of AED 150 will be charged to the Card Account. Further, all interest, fee and charges will be borne by the Cardholder and no such amount will be waived by Al Masraf. 
    8. The monthly installment applicable will appear on the monthly Card statement and must be paid on the applicable due date.
    9. Approval of Easy Cash Amount is at the sole discretion of Al Masraf.
    10. Al Masraf Points will not be credited in respect of the Easy Cash Program. 
    11. It is the Cardholder’s sole responsibility to ensure that the information provided to Al Masraf is correct and valid. These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates as applicable in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the laws of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. 
    12. In no event shall Al Masraf, any of its affiliates, or any of its officers, directors, employees or agents be liable or responsible for any loss, damage or expense arising out of or otherwise related to the Easy Cash Program. Al Masraf   does not offer or provide any warranties, or accept any responsibility or liability of any kind in respect of the Easy Cash Program and hereby disclaims any and all express or implied warranties with respect of the same.
    13. Al Masraf shall not be in breach of its obligations or otherwise be liable to conduct the Easy Cash Program as a result of any Force Majeure Event.  A  Force Majeure Event in these terms and conditions,  shall  mean  circumstances  beyond  the  reasonable  control  of  Al Masraf   including, amongst    other    things,    acts    of    God,    industrial    disputes,    acts    and  regulations  of  any governmental or authority in any jurisdiction. In such circumstances, Al Masraf’s obligations to the Cardholder shall automatically stand discharged without the need to provide notice.
    14. Al Masraf   reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to amend and/or supplement these terms and  conditions  at  any  time  without  any  prior  notification  to  the  Cardholder.  Any such amendments or supplements shall be provided on Al Masraf’s website at
    15. The Card’s Credit Limit and cash limit will be blocked in respect of the amount that has been extended by Al Masraf   to the Cardholder.
    16. The Easy Cash Program can be availed by a Cardholder for different tenures at different interest rates subject to the payment of fees and Charges imposed by Al Masraf   as may be set forth by Al Masraf   from time to time.
    17. Al Masraf   shall charge a processing fee that is a percentage of the total Easy Cash Amount.
    18. The minimum Installment Period is three (3) months.
    19. In case the Card Account is overdue or delinquent, applications to participate in the Easy Cash Program shall be declined.
    20. Al Masraf    is  entitled  to  accelerate  the  repayment  of  all  future  monthly  installments  in the event of any of the following:
      • The Cardholder’s failure to pay a monthly installment by the due date;
      • An application for bankruptcy or if bankruptcy proceedings have been initiated against the Cardholder; 
      • A court order has been issued to freeze the accounts of the Cardholder;
      • The Cardholder’s death; or
      • The Cardholder’s failure to repay Al Masraf   any other outstanding amounts.
      • In such cases, the remaining installments shall become immediately payable.
      • If  the  Card  Account  is  closed  by  the  Cardholder  or  by  Al Masraf    before  all  repayment installments  have  been  repaid,  then  the  total  of  all  of  the  remaining  repayment installments shall be accelerated and charged to the final Card statement of account.
      • The Easy Cash Amount will be credited to the Principal Cardholder’s account only.
      • The  Cardholder  acknowledges  that  he/she  has  read  the  entire  Terms  and  Conditions and accepts to be bound by them.
    1. Only  non-Al  Masraf  credit  cards  with  outstanding  balances  in  AED  are  eligible  to transfer outstanding balances to a Al Masraf Credit Card.
    2. The preferential interest rate is applicable only on the balance transferred.
    3. Balance  Transfer  is  allowed  up  to  a  maximum  utilization  of  90%  of  the  total  credit limit.
    4. You  must  continue  to  make  the  required  payments  on  your  other  Al Masraf   credit  card until you confirm that settlement has been processed. Al Masraf will not be liable for any new overdue payments or interest incurred.
    5. Early settlement or Cancellation fees on Plans – AED.150 cancellation and total promotional interest applied from date of booking.
    6. Al  Masraf reserves  the  right  to  amend or  cease  this  offer  without  giving  prior notice and to decline any balance transfer request at its sole discretion.
    1. Unless and until you notify Al Masraf of the loss of Al Masraf product, theft or any unauthorized   access   of   your   card,   you   will   be   responsible   for   the   unauthorized usage/transactions  and you will indemnify & hold harmless Al Masraf  & its affiliates from any liability arising out of such unauthorized access/usage
    2. Your card has contactless technology.  Subject to  certain  restrictions  and  limits,  this allows  you  to  use  your  card  at  certain  merchants,  without  swiping  and  without  the requirement to input your PIN or OTP.
    3. Al Masraf  nor its affiliates shall not be responsible for any liability arising out of such transactions
    4. Card transactions done through a contactless feature will be subject to certain maximum value per transaction & maximum number of contactless transactions per day (refer to Al Masraf website for current limits). These limits are subject to change by Al Masraf at its sole discretion. Such limits may also vary from merchant to merchant, country to country & type of cards.
    5. If  the  card  contactless  transaction  exceeds  any  of  the  limits  referred  to  above,  Al Masraf reserves the right to decline the transaction or you may be required to enter your card PIN or sign in order to complete the transaction.

I understand and agree that the Monthly Card E-Statement will no longer be sent via mail as a hard copy and will only delivered on registered email address. The Non receipt of the Credit Card e-Statement due to incorrect email address (or any reason) shall not be construed to be sufficient reason for nonpayment of dues on time.


You will be automatically enrolled into the Al Masraf Points Loyalty program. All Al Masraf Points earned across all Corporate Cards will be earned cumulatively at the corporate primary account holder & only the primary account holder can redeem the Al Masraf reward points. 

For Al Masraf Points, detailed terms and conditions, please visit

What is Contactless?

Contactless cards allow you to make payments without swiping. You can simply tap on any contactless enabled POS reader to pay for your purchases. PIN input is not required. For purchases more than Aed 300 you will need to input your PIN.

Will the contactless transaction work from 1st transaction after activation?

No. For your safety, the very first transaction after activation must be with your Chip & PIN. Post that contactless transaction will work as per set limits

What are my daily contactless limits?

You can use the card contactless 3 times a day upto a maximum of Aed 300 per transaction per day. Post that you will have to input your PIN.

Do merchants PoS have contactless limits?

Yes. Merchants assign their own contactless limits. In case the transaction is over their limit, merchant will request for PIN 

What if the shop does not accept contactless transactions?

You can use the card as normal by swiping & inputting the PIN.

Will I be liable if the card is lost or stolen?

You should immediately call Al Masraf call center on 600 529999 to report your card lost/stolen. We will block your card & you will not be held liable for any misuse on the card from therafter

Please refer to the related clauses added to the Cards Terms and conditions.