Frequently Asked Questions

How does Al Masraf issues Credit Cards?

Please note that Bank issues credit cards subject to meeting AECB, CB UAE guidelines and banks internal credit, risk and compliance policies.

How do I activate my cards & generate PIN?

Cardholder should activate their card and choose their own PIN via our IVR by calling 600 52 9999 to use their card

What is the limit of Contactless transactions?

Cardholder can do a maximum of 3 without pin contactless transactions per day of AED 500 each. Post that they can do contactless transaction with Pin. Customer is responsible and liable for all the transactions

What to do in case of Card Fraud?

Cardholder can call the contact center at 600 52 9999 to report any fraudulent transaction and block their card. Cardholder can submit a dispute form with the details to claim the amount back. A replacement card will be issued to the cardholder.

How do I report lost and stolen cards?

Cardholder should call the contact center at 600 52 9999 immediately to report lost/stolen card and the bank will block the card. A new replacement card will be sent and fees as per schedule of charges will apply

Warning: Customer is liable to pay for any transactions done up to the time of reporting and lost / stolen card.

Over limit

Transaction authorization cannot exceed its card credit limit. However, in case the customer has utilized 100% of the limits, fees and charges will be additional and an over limit fee will be charged. In case of any transaction resulting in the limit being exceeded may be rejected and may incur fees as per schedule of charges

Interest Calculation rates on credit balances

All purchase transactions are free of interest from the transaction date of each transaction until the statement date and subsequently to the payment due date for that billing cycle. If there is any outstanding balance of unpaid transactions following the payment due date, then interest will be charged on the daily closing balance from the date of each transaction. This will appear in the next statement. Interest rate as per schedule of fees & charges. Interest is charged on the cash advance from the date of cash advance to the date the cash advance has been settled in full. Interest rate & fees as per schedule of fees

What is Islamic Sharia?

The main sources of Islamic sharia (law) are the principles and teachings of Holy Quran and the practices and teachings (Sunna & Hadith) of Holy Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

Why Islamic Banking?

Islamic banking is a fast growing phenomenon in the global financial markets. There has always been a demand among Muslims for financial products and services that conform to the Sharia (Islamic law). Based on this demand, a number of banks all over the world have started offering products and services that are in compliance with Sharia.

What makes Islamic banking unique?

Rather than choosing for interest as a way of generating wealth, Islamic banking is unique in the way that it supports individuals as well as businesses build tangible and appreciating assets for themselves. This not only leads to prosperity founded on a solid economic base, but also inspires the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst its customers. Islamic banks are based on the unique concept of profit and loss sharing with the customers by way of various Sharia-compliant financing and investment implements.

What is the difference between Islamic banking and Conventional banking?

The main difference between Islamic and conventional is that Islamic banks prohibit interest. Unlike conventional banks, Islamic banks disallow lending money to money but rather promote trade (buy and sell) transactions and partnerships. In Islamic banking, wealth can be generated through legitimate trade and investment. Any gain related to this trading is shared between the person providing the capital and the person providing the expertise.

How can Al Masraf offer Islamic Banking products?

Al Masraf is a customer-driven financial institution and the reason we provide Islamic products is to serve a genuine financial need amongst our clients. This is again demand driven and a full spectrum of products will be offered to our valued clients.

Why is my existing debit card being changed?

We are upgrading our card systems to provide a better card experience and features.

When will I receive my new card?

You shall be contacted by the courier company for delivery of your new card from 08/11/2022.

How will I receive my new debit card?

Your new debit card will be delivered via the bank authorized courier after obtaining Fingerprint authentication using your EID card.

What will happen to my existing card?

Your existing debit card will continue to work until you receive an SMS to start using the new card.

What do I do when I receive my new card?

Please activate your card and create your new PIN by calling 600 52 9999. You will receive an SMS by 21st November 2022 to start using the new card. Your existing debit card will continue to work until you receive an SMS to start using the new card.

How do I activate my new debit card and create my PIN?

You can activate your card and create your PIN by calling 600529999 and select the language and choose option number 3 for card activation and PIN services.

What if I still don’t receive my new card by 21/11/2022?

Please contact Al Masraf at 600529999 to assist you.

What if I am travelling and unable to receive my new card?

Please contact Al Masraf at 600529999 to assist you.

Will there be any additional fee to replace the card?

No. There will be no additional charges for replacing of existing card to new card.

What if the fingerprint cannot be validated during card delivery?

Fingerprint authentication is mandatory for courier to deliver the card. In case of any issues the card will be returned back to the bank. Please call 600529999 & we will send the card to the Al Masraf Branch of your choice.

What can I do on the app?

With over 75+ services in the new app, you can carry out all your everyday banking transactions with Al Masraf’s app. You can easily view your balance and statements, check your transaction history, make payments as well as transfer money locally and internationally. You can open accounts instantly to take advantage of our high yielding tiered saving account, or a fixed deposit with attractive rates.

Can I download the app on two different phones?

Yes, you have the flexibility of downloading the app on two different phones. However, the app cannot be used at the same time.

Can I use the app abroad?

Of course, you can use it abroad.

Can I customize/personalize the main screen?

Yes, you can personalize by clicking on setting and enabling the options for promotions and Relationship Manager details (if you have an RM managing your account).

Is the app secure?

Security is something we take very seriously. We’ve taken every possible measure to ensure the safety of your banking details, and we also advise you to use a secure password .To make things easier, you can also use your Biometric fingerprint (for iPhones and compatible Android phones) as well as Face ID.

What should I do if I forget my app password?

No problem, click on forget password on the login page and the journey will take you safely to set up a new one.

How do I setup Touch ID and Face ID?

Touch ID and Face ID are within your smartphones and you can enable it under the settings option- under biometric- whilst for IPhone the option is under face and passcode.

I can't login to the app?

You may have used incorrect login details or the app is locked due to multiple login attempts with incorrect details. If the issue persists please call our contact center team on 600 52 9999 and they will help you out.

How can I be sure my information is secure if my mobile device is lost or stolen?

Please make sure to use the log off button in Al Masraf App to close it. For your security, even if you don't log out, your session will timed out after 3 minutes of inactivity. After this, anyone using your mobile device will have to login again to access your account information. Please make sure not to write your user ID and password in any other app on your devise such as storing your password on the Notes App.

What is a Transaction PIN (T-PIN)?

The Transaction Pin is a 4 digit PIN that you create upon registration adding another layer of security and is required to be entered for certain transactions such as funds transfers and card payments on the app. If you forgot the Transaction Pin or you need to change it you can log in to the app -> Main Menu -> Change/forget Transaction pin.

How can I transfer money?

Very easily! Use the app to transfer your money locally or internationally in a few simple steps:
From Dash board you can select the fund transfer icon below the account dashboard -> choose what kind of transfer you require; 2 options are available :
· Fund transfer -> choose the kind of transfer (Own accounts , within AL Masraf, within UAE or international transfer) -> Enter the amount and the other required fields -> next page , revise and confirm -> Enter transaction pin and submit -> Success screen.
· Card Payment->Select Card type (own card, other cards in Al Masraf , other cards in the UAE ) -> Enter the amount -> next ,review and confirm -> Transaction input , submit -> Success screen.

What is the transfer purpose?

The transfer purpose is a requirement of the UAE Central Bank for you to state the reason for transferring your funds. You have to choose the type of transfer.

What is the limit applied in the mobile banking app?

For bill payment, you have a daily limit of 100,000. For funds transfer, the daily transaction limit set at 500,000. However. for our Elite segment the daily limit is 2 million.

How can I add a beneficiary for a fund transfer?

Just go on the Dashboard select Fund Transfer, then click on Manage Beneficiary , on this screen you can see all the beneficiaries created and you can add a new beneficiary by clicking on + icon on the bottom of the screen.
You can add Beneficiary within Al Masraf by adding the account number and assign a nickname of accountholder. For beneficiaries within the UAE, you need to add the IBAN number and assign a nickname.
For International transfers, all you need to do is select the country, bank name, swift code, IBAN, beneficiary address and assign a nick name.

How can I pay a bill?

First you have to add your bill to the bill payment menu by navigating to the main menu then selecting bill payment -> pay bill and click on the + sign on the left down corner then choose the provider for the list of the payees which are :
· Telecommunications : du top up / du postpaid and Etisalat postpaid / prepaid
· Electricity and Water : DEWA , SEWA, ADDC, AADC and FEWA
· Roads and Tolls : Salik, Darb, Nol and Dubai Police

Once you have added your payees, you can see the outstanding of the Bill and make a payment from your Account.

How can I pay my AL Masraf Credit Card?

From the Dashboard after logging in, select Card Payment then select the account that you want to make the payment from and the card that you want to pay, and then select the amount option: Total amount due, min amount due, outstanding amount or other fixed amount.

How can I update my details such as Emirates ID, email address and phone number?

You will need to access the main menu then click on settings to go to manage profile.

Why do I need to update my Emirates ID?

As per the UAE Central Bank requirements, you need to ensure all records are up to date.

How can I change the app language?

Our app is available in both Arabic and English; you can change your desired language anytime from the log in screen.

How do I enable/ manage my notifications?

From main menu select settings, manage profile then notification alerts. Here you can manage all kind of notifications like promotions, push notifications and emails.

How will I receive my account statement?

You can view monthly and 3 month statements, as well as all your transactions. Just click on transactions from dashboard and then select the clock Icon at the bottom, then select one or 3 months or selected custom date range. After viewing the transactions, you can download and share the statement as well.

Where can I find my IBAN?

From the dashboard, below the accounts, click on Account Details. Your IBAN is listed there and you can share it as well. It includes your name, account number, currency and IBAN number.

Where can I find my credit card details?

From the dashboard, select cards -> under each card there is a link called Card details, click it and you will get all the details related to the selected card.

How will I receive my credit card statement?

You will continue to receive your monthly statement by email, you can also view your monthly statements as well as your daily transactions by clicking on Cards Transactions from Dashboard, then select Transactions. You can download your credit card statement by clicking on the clock icon on the bottom of the screen.

How can I pay my Al Masraf credit card bill?

From main menu, click on Card payment, your default card will be selected and your default account. If you require changes, you can pick from the drop down option then select the amount options: and total amount due, min amount due, outstanding amount or other fixed amount.

How can I manage my cards?

From main menu click on cards, select type of card, and then you can do the following :
· Activate your card
· Report your card lost or stolen
· Temporarily lock your card
· Enable travel mode.

How do I activate and setup my PIN for my debit card or credit card?

Card activation will pop up when you have a non-active card. Once you click activate and provide card information it will be activated. You can then set the PIN.

How do I change my PIN for my debit card?

From main menu click on cards, select the type of the card then click on change PIN, enter your old PIN and then enter your new PIN.

What should I do if I forget my card PIN?

No problem, all you need to do is to log in to your App from main menu,then go to Cards, select the card type (Debit or Credit ),click on forgot PIN , enter OTP and key in your new PIN.

What should I do if I’ve lost my card?

Do not worry. You can report a lost or stolen card by going to the ‘Card’ page in the app -> going to the main menu then card and select Lost or Stolen card. For your security, we will block your card immediately and you will be able to reorder a new card straight away.

How can I lock my card?

It is easy to temporarily lock and unlock your card at any time in the ‘Cards’ page. Simply click on the lock button ON and OFF whenever you need as it works in real time. If your card has been lost or stolen, select the ‘Report lost or stolen’ option in the ‘Cards’ page and it will be immediately and permanently blocked.

My card is expiring soon! what do I do?

We will courier your new card prior to the expiry date of your current one. If you have any queries, please call our customer service team on +971 600 52 9999.

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