Tap to pay
with Google PayTM

Make contactless payments with your Al Masraf Debit & Credit Cards added on Android devices

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Add your Al Masraf Card to Google Pay to make easy, contactless payments anywhere.

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Follow these
steps to get started

1. Launch the Google Pay App or download it on Google Play

2. Tap 'Add to Wallet'

3. Verify your card if needed. You are all set.

Use your card with Google Pay – Here’s how

Step 1

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Unlock Your Phone

When youre ready to make a purchase at a store or online, unlock your phone using your PIN, fingerprint, or facial recognition

Step 2

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Hold Near the Reader

Hold your unlocked phone near the contactless payment terminal or pointof sale (POS) reader at the store

Step 3

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Look for the Check Mark

After holding your phone near the reader, look for the check mark or notification on your phones screen, indicating that the payment was successful.

Enable secure contactless payments now